FMI Capital - Making Business Happen

How to Apply

Thirty page business plans may look impressive, but they often hold little substance and can cost the average entrepreneur an unreasonable amount of money and time. We want to know more about you, your ideas, and your real world plans. Just email us your informal "mini-plan" with as much of the following as you have available:

  • Who you are and your background / credentials
  • Whether you are seeking expansion capital, seed funding, or a business microloan
  • A description of the business as it is or as you envision it
  • The purpose of the loan or capital request
  • The amount you are seeking
  • A breakdown of what the funds will be used for
  • The amount of capital and / or time (“sweat equity”) that you will be investing in the business
  • Any funds you have already obtained and avenues of funding you have already trialed (successful or not)
  • If it is an existing business, supporting financial documents
  • Any data supporting your idea and its marketability

Please submit your mini-plan in a word format. The base plan need not be longer than 2 to 5 pages, plus any supporting documents you choose to submit. We review all submissions, and will get back to you upon review.

All information should be sent to [email protected]