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Business Microloans

Microloans are often reserved for impoverished countries, yet many current and would-be entrepreneurs within the United States could use a helping hand. Microloans are an excellent way to obtain short-term financial assistance while maintaining 100% ownership of your ideas and business.

Why not just go to a bank? Unfortunately, most banks are not interested in business loans on the small scale. Also, they may require long drawn-out business plans, spotless credit, and collateral such as machinery, equipment, or real estate. These are all things that a fledgling entrepreneur may lack. Lengthy paperwork and application fees also create a barrier for most small business loan programs.

We offer competitive interest rates, an easy and free application process, and flexible loan structures. How can we do this? Our organization lacks the cumbersome bureaucracy of these large corporations. We are able to work with you one on one to establish the best option for everyone.

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